Outbreak Alert! Chicago, Illinois: mena poonaki mena poonaki

menapoonakimena poonaki had paid sex with me at Timothy O’Toole’s Pub on new years eve 2021. I found her on eroticmonkey as an arabic prostitute and asked her for a $150 porn star experience. I spent the money and we reserved a hotel room in downtown chicago, and proceeded to have sex. I was a clean 46 year old man until I have received side effects which mimicked STIs, and i got tested. it turned out that I am infected with herpes, warts, and HIV. mena poonaki is an HIV carrier. I have a lot of money and not even with all the money in the world can I get rid of the STDs mena poonaki has given to me. good thing I found out about her name from one of mena poonaki’s bystanders. otherwise I would not have known the name of this woman. she is something you should stay away from. mena poonaki will lie to you over the money you own. mena poonaki wants a rich sugar daddy to stick her dirty arab cunt into. #menapoonakimenapoonaki #genitalherpes #chicago #illinois

Discovered on January 13, 2022

Source Outbreak Alert! Chicago, Illinois: mena poonaki mena poonaki


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