Removals are currently available through different channels depending on the original source of the content you want removed. Content copied from can be removed as part of the Syndicated Content Clean-up service and content copied from elsewhere can be removed using the PayDelete button.

STD Carriers Syndicated Content Clean-up

STD Monitor is owned and operated by the same people that built and are currently developing STD Carriers allows customers to add content to pages that directs search engines not to index them as part of Post Almost Anything Reputation Improvement Services (PAARIS). Customer that purchase a PAARIS Gold Package receive what is known as a “noindex” meta tag on their profile which tells search engines not to include a link to the page in their results and it also makes it possible to remove any links already on search engines to the page. PAARIS Gold also incudes a Syndicated Content Clean-up service from the PAARIS Silver part of the package which covers removing copies of the page from STD Monitor.

Dead Link Removal

– All pages on STD Monitor copied from STD Carriers feature a dead link removal button. This button provides an automated removal solution for people seeking to remove copies of pages no longer live on STD Carriers from STD Monitor. This feature is extremely useful whenever an author deletes their work from STD Carriers. At that point anyone that clicks the dead link removal button will cause the page containing the dead link to be removed from STD Monitor. It works by checking the header of the page on the original source for a status code of 404 or a 301 without a valid redirect.

PayDelete Button

All content linking to sites other than STD Carriers can be removed instantly with one small payment. Just look for the PayDelete button below the rating widget. Click that button and you will be taken to the PayDelete website to confirm your order. Then you will be taken to an checkout page. PayDelete uses to process payments so that they do not need to store any of your credit card information.