Removal Options

Removals are currently available through our reputation management services and in some cases via a dead link deletion button.

Our Reputation Management Services

STD Monitor is owned and operated by the same people that are currently developing Several months ago we realized that STD Monitor needed a removal service for content not linked to STD Carriers, but we did not have one and our development team would not have time to work on implementing an automated solution for quite some time. In the interim we decided to modify the Silver Package available as part of Post Almost Anything Reputation Improvement Services (PAARIS) so that it could include the removal of pages from STD Monitor. We did that by classifying the content of STD Monitor as “Duplicate Content” because STD Monitor is a search engine/web archive featuring only duplicate content with the exception of comments posted below the content. Now content on STD Monitor can be removed as part of the Duplicate Content Removal service included with PAARIS Silver.
Reputation Management Services

PAARIS Silver Reputation Management Services Chart

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Post Almost Anything Reputation Improvement Services (PAARIS)
PAARIS Silver Package
Unfortunately, PAARIS was not designed for sites like STD Monitor unless the content in question is from an original content site in our network like STD Carriers. When the original content is posted on STD Carriers and someone purchases search engine blocking as part of PAARIS Gold they automatically receive all the benefits of PAARIS Silver which includes removing duplicate posts from STD Monitor. One could elect to purchase PAARIS Silver in order to remove a post from the STD Registry section of this website, but that would result in the source article still being live on STD Carriers, so doing just that is not ideal. PAARIS was designed for original content sites like STD Carriers where author mediation is available and we are in a position to bury negative articles at their source entirely on our own. By modifying PAARIS Silver we are able to offer removal options for content in the Social Monitoring and STD News sections of STD Monitor.

Dead Link Removal

– As of 2/22/2021 all posts in the STD Registry category from feature a button that once clicked will check to see if the source URL still contains a live report. If the report is no longer live on then any post on this site linking to it will be remove automatically. Look for the blue button that says “Remove Post” located beneath the featured image on the page.
– If you are the author of an original report on, but have made changes and want to get rid of outdated information on STD Monitor without deleting the current report on STD Carriers, you can temporarily deactivate the live report on STD Carriers and click the “Remove Post” button on the copy to get rid of it. Then you can re-activate your report on STD Carriers. At that point the only version of that report on either site will be your most recent version.

Future Removal Options

The aforementioned dead link removal button is the result of an early version of the PayDelete Plugin for WordPress that we are developing. The next version will add a removal button to all remaining posts. Once clicked the user will be prompted for payment and when payment is processed the article will be instantly removed automatically. This will allow us to eliminate the need for human meddling in the removal process for the most part. Doing so will eliminate the need to consider human resources when setting prices for the most part. Right now we have to use pricing to reduce demand so that we always have time to service paying customers. Without needing to spend time on individual removals we will be able charge less. PAARIS will still be available for those that need content suppressed on original content sites of ours or want services we offer in addition to removals as part of PAARIS. We may also be willing to throw in package deals on our end time permitting for those that find themselves mentioned in multiple articles on this website.

PayDelete for Webmasters

After PayDelete is fully tested and has been running on STD Monitor for a sufficient length of time without problems, PayDelete will be made available to other WordPress developers. This will allow any WordPress site to easily monetize content removal simply by installing a plugin and entering some parameters including a payment option. Then PayDelete will process removal requests, deduct a small commission, and transfer the remaining balance to an account provided by the developer.

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