STD Monitor STD Registry Outbreak Detected! East Aurora, New York: Shaune Hyla

Outbreak Detected! East Aurora, New York: Shaune Hyla


sexual relation with Shaune Hyla using Tinder and Facebook apps She prays on older and heavy bearded men She is from the Buffalo ny 14206 area recently moved to East Aurora ny 14052 Works at Sonwill Logistics in west Seneca I personally contracted STD her as to she does not like using condoms. She resides at Hickory Hills Apartments #shaunehyla #genitalwarts #eastaurora #newyork

Source: Outbreak Detected! East Aurora, New York: Shaune Hyla


11 thoughts on “Outbreak Detected! East Aurora, New York: Shaune Hyla”

  1. She is all over Facebook. She will steal your money and give you STD. It was a terrible night with Shaune. Avoid her

  2. For whomever is posting this u will be prosecuted for spreading lies and rumors and now my personal safety is in danger

  3. This POS works at Extreme Sun Capsule Me and my lady went tanning there and this B***h came on to me while my girl was tanning Then after I told her to kick rocks, She found me on Facebook and stalked me. She is CRAZY I finally had to block her But now she is hooking up with all my boys that are friends on Facebook and i mean all of them Now most of my boys have STDs This s**T is NUTS This B***h is giving out STDs like candy Avoid at all cost !!!!! She is NASSSSTYYYY !!!!!!!

  4. This THING works with my soon to be ex-husband They work at Sonwill Log. in West Seneca NY Shaune and my ex-husband had a affair and slept around behind mine and my children’s back. Not sure for how long But long enough for my husband to get STDs from her. As for myself i all so have STDs because the bastard was sleeping with me also. From what my husband tells me She is sleeping with most of the guys from Sonwill . Please get checked out if you are one of them Myself and my children are staying away from this crotch rot and their father. IM GETTING A DIVORCE SL*T Good Luck He is all yours

  5. She sleeps with random strangers she just meets online without, first, asking to see their STD panel and now has HPV (with genital warts) because of it. She is fully aware of her situation, but that has not stopped her legs from opening after the fact.
    She considers herself a polygamist (although, technically speaking, in singles term, she is just simply engaging in promiscuity. Big difference, but very scary either way.

  6. Please beware of this mentally unstable stalker. She attempts to contact via social media and then lends a sympathetic ear to egotistical husband’s who want to ***** about their wives. She Is the typical Fatal Attraction without the good looks. She is a conniving selfish piece of trash and doesn’t care about destroying families with children because she has none of her own. How messed up is that? I blame my husband as well and things will never be the same. I pray karma gets this ***** for me.

  7. Start off with I can’t believe this B***h is claiming all these replies are fake. She is so full of it I don’t know Shaune that well My relationship with her is all new What i can say about her is that she is a RED FLAG across the board She desires attention from any man She will have relations with spoken for partners She is all over social media, dating sites etc. looking for the next big thing using men for what she can retrieve from them. She does have a issue with a foul order from her genital area Shes very manipulating, very aggressive to not telling the truth, very insecure or at least portrays herself that way. Coworkers,freinds,wifes,husbands or anyone who comes across this sloot be cautious. For men looking for a hook up Wrap it up tight and ghost or she will stalk you and your family Im sure she will replie and say this is all fake ITS NOT If you want to see what type of De lu lu of a Booga Woola she is Check out other sites,Facebook,TikTok You can see the Sloot at her best

  8. I know of this creature She comes off as a innocent kind woman That she is NOT I had some time to get to know her and let it be known She has some major issues going on upstairs and downstairs as well She seeks out men with low self-esteem and men having problems in their marriage . Shaune does use many platforms for seeking these men online. STDs and DRDs are another factor to considered when introduced to Shaune Manipulation, pathological lying, homewrecking, sexual diseases are just the few that red flags that come along with her She has caused pain for other marriages,children,famlies and has no intention of stopping. Some advice to the men If you love your family and want to keep your wallet filled This woman is a huge RED FLAG on the playing field Just ignore her as I she will eventually give up and stop stalking you.


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