STD Monitor STD Registry Alex Luna, Genital Warts in Belleville, Illinois

Alex Luna, Genital Warts in Belleville, Illinois

Alex Luna, Genital Warts in Belleville, Illinois

alexThis individual knowing has spread clap and genital warts (HPV). He takes no responsibility for his actions. He thinks it is a big joke. He makes women believe they spread it to him even if they have not ever had another partner. He keeps a list of the women he has slept with and looks for targets. To date, there is a list of at least 33 women he has slept with. Go to facebook and look up this individual and write to the women that are his friends. . They will tell you what he has done but it appears legally trying to sue would end up being a "he said, she said." and he takes pride in this. He lies to women even when they ask him point blank if he is clean. He tells them yes when he knows he is not. He has never been held accountable and this is the only way I know to spread the word to not believe everything this person tells you. He has no respect for women. PLEASE RESPECT YOURSELF ENOUGH TO KNOW THAT YOU HAVE CHOICES AND DO NOT HAVE TO BELIEVE MEN LIKE HIM. If you are infected by this man, please spread the word and get treatment as soon as possible. Protect yourself and please do not fall for his lines. Even after he infects you he will say things like "we are in this together." He will try to normalize that this is no big deal and it is your fault and not his. What kind of crap is that? I would not have VD if he would have been honest in the first place. #alexluna #genitalwarts #belleville #illinois

Published at Wed, 23 Feb 2011 23:52:46 GMT

By ColetteUSA

Source: Alex Luna, Genital Warts in Belleville, Illinois


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