STD Monitor STD Registry Infection Detected! Williamstown , New Jersey: Guy Luongo Gaetano Luongo

Infection Detected! Williamstown , New Jersey: Guy Luongo Gaetano Luongo

Infection Detected! Williamstown , New Jersey: Guy Luongo Gaetano Luongo

guyluongoGet tested if you have been with him.

Hepatitis C, Herpes

Not a stable person

He does not use protection, is a sex addict and does not disclose his STDs #guyluongogaetanoluongo #hepatitisc #williamstown #newjersey

Source: Infection Detected! Williamstown , New Jersey: Guy Luongo Gaetano Luongo


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  1. Yes that is his number. He has contacted me repeatedly from that number – See attached screenshots!


    SEX ADDICT, predator

  3. All of these posts are from the same woman, her name is Marie Haitz she lives in Gloucester city nj she’s a mentally I’ll woman that has done to several other men!! Look her up #mariehaitz

  4. It’s always the same old story from Guy….. PA New Jersey Florida he’s a heroin addict who is active in his addiction uses needles and does not disclose it to people who are decent that he manipulates. He even has his own family wrapped around his finger I’m leaving his bullshit has poor aunts and sister – Good people unfortunately subjected to his bullshit and taken advantage of.
    Mentally ill is the same sob story that he gives about his ex-wife as well Guy trashes every woman that rejects him and there’s a long line for a reason. He’s a scumbag! He likes to play the victim – He does not maintain his bipolar disorder along with his drug use and he’s a fucking monster.
    Supervised visits speaks for itself without even saying a word….
    Paperwork speaks for itself two different women in 2 different relationships stabbed this man, The truth is he’s abused women all of his life and just about every relationship he’s ever been in leave Marie and her kids alone you just can’t take rejection

  5. He’s a junkie!
    It’s always the same old story from Guy….. PA New Jersey Florida he’s a heroin addict who is active in his addiction uses needles and does not disclose it to people who are decent that he manipulates. He even has his own family wrapped around his finger I’m leaving his bullshit has poor aunts and sister – Good people unfortunately subjected to his bullshit and taken advantage of.
    Mentally ill is the same sob story that he gives about his ex-wife as well Guy trashes every woman that rejects him and there’s a long line for a reason. He’s a scumbag! He likes to play the victim – He does not maintain his bipolar disorder along with his drug use and he’s a fucking monster.
    Supervised visits speaks for itself without even saying a word….
    Paperwork speaks for itself two different women in 2 different relationships stabbed this man, The truth is he’s abused women all of his life and just about every relationship he’s ever been in leave Marie and her kids alone you just can’t take rejection

  6. He’s deplorable even to his own family he puts on his façade while he’s sticking a needle in his arm. He will ask for money claiming his business is not going well. He also claims people canceled work on him last minute….

  7. Yes he tells a lot of stories, come to find out there is no Pastor, bible study or “estimates” that he goes to. All of his lies abt work being slow or last minute cancelations – the money is for his heroin he is a profound drug addict. Don’t want to see anyone else conned out of money.


    Guy is a coward who has been known to ask people to help him or do things for him, very manipulative, no backbone. In a case that guy had against his very own father he offered to pay a man he had working for him to be a “witness” in court.
    Guy has no boundaries and thinks that he can do whatever he wants without consequences. Guy truly feels the rules do not apply to him as you can see in each state that he lived in and people he has targeted.
    Guy has been charged with battery, he has been charged with assault and been violent all his life. Guy is not able to control himself and does not maintain his bipolar disorder.
    Not just one time, not just one person – multiple times, with different people repeating the same pattern in each state he has lived in over the years – it never stopped.
    He files false restraining orders to harass anyone that ends a relationship with him because his ego simply can’t handle it and he goes off the deep end. He feels he is entitled to behave psychotically and that there should be no consequences for his behavior. He truly feels there are no consequences for what he does nor does he have remorse for anything. Guy knows no boundaries even with children.
    He feels he is untouchable and can do whatever to anyone arrogantly. Guy has lived that way in each state he has lived in through the years putting people through hell, the records are there.
    There are criminal records of Guy in each state he has lived in violating restraining orders that he has falsely initiated and he has even been charged with false police reporting.
    Guy was obsessed, harassed and threaten this man for a couple years.
    Just like Guy has everyone else in the states he has lived in.
    The Monday before this man’s death Guy was still a couple years later ranting about this man obsessively.
    On the date of Greg’s death, Guy oddly didn’t show up at his cousins wedding the same day Greg died. The Monday before Greg’s death Guy was ranting about Greg – Guy’s head was sweating when he was ranting, he was full of rage not in control of himself – Guy’s evil hateful fixated rant about Greg that had been carried on for over two years by Guy and it was still going on just less than a week before Greg died.
    Guy had planned to go to his cousin’s wedding for months oddly Guy didn’t go. Guy told quite a few conflicting stories about his whereabouts on the date of this man’s death. One version Guy told was that he didn’t attend his cousins wedding because his aunt had a conflict with someone….
    Guy you are going to rot in hell for the awful things you have done everyone.

  9. Aug 18-19-20 talked to him online and gave him my number. I wish I didn’t he called me for days bc I decided not to meet him in OC and reconciled with my husband. Still callin from unknown numbers. BTW he mentioned he was in therapy. Talk therapy is not an effective way to treat sociopaths. Multiple studies have concluded that it only encourages their criminal skill set.

  10. hes not workin hes buys in camden with lil girl wit dark hair just driving around all fucked with kid
    his target market to rip off lonely older women no confidence to give him money then on to thenext
    return the silver necklace you stole w/ the kinda sphere charm onit mofo

  11. First and foremost it is concerning to hear he would be around any child. In an effort to protect that child I am posting this info otherwise I have better things to do.

    As we all know, when you speak the truth of Guy there are repercussions. When he starts to get caught for his harassment, when you stand up to him, tough guy he is… the coward asks/pays other people to do it for him (confirmation to the prior post he did it to me as well) – generally his addict associates.

    He has repeated the same actions abusing women anywhere he goes, with this pattern when he is comfortable eventually extending his manipulation to the children of the women he is abusing.

    In comparing experience: Everything is a game to Guy. Guy only cares about Guy. He is always instigating conflict and drama anywhere he can. You will notice this as soon as you meet him. His 1st pattern – is he will ask you to go to court with him because at that time the manipulation is just beginning with his mind fuckery. He will describe the situation in the court as him being a victim, etc., when he is hiding many cases/legal issues over years in different states.

    Guy’s pattern of narcissistic abuse starts with him putting on an experienced act of being clean for over 15+ years. Then it evolves to every other weekend and 1 time on at least a weekly basis where he does something horrific/traumatizing to his current source – this is so he can get you to leave, while he is buying and getting high – calculated (ALWAYS THOSE CLOSEST TO HIM THAT HE CAN NOT MAINTAIN THE ACT FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME, HE IS ABUSING) and then will act as if he never behaved like an animal, making you look unbalanced to anyone who will listen – he will do this in person and thru the phone like a pussy, then he stops talking to you for periods of time to be active in his multiple addictions, then he breaks his silence, with brainwashing you to make you think it is your fault. He will say the same thing over and over until your ears have had enough and you just want the bully to stop repeating the same thing over and over, gas lighting you.

    He gas lights with children as well. Everything is a game to him. He keeps people separate for a reason, he lies and lies…. Then EVERYTHING starts to become your fault later, everything no matter how gross each week, he moves further and isolates his source, energy vampire HE HAS NO BOUNDARIES – does it sound familiar? – then he finds/comes up with something more abusive and he gets even more comfortable and then the abuse is accompanied by him humiliating you – by using you as a scapegoat in any way possible to hide his legal issues, etc. Then he feels more entitled (energy vampire) and starts his smear campaign anywhere he can because the truth of his abuse, his issues, needs to be hidden, however as we compare our experiences, the lies and abuse are always exposed.

    Most of those who have crossed paths with Guy have more than 1 or 2 disturbing experiences. To save yourself the time of listening to his lies, cover-up stories and scapegoating, get the documents, police reports, not his copy……

    He is documented where he lives, not too long ago, see Williams. PD. for inappropriate behavior with multiple children. The det’s last name may start with a “D” but info is there and with child services in different counties.

    Recap: I have video cameras installed due to Guy’s behavior over the years that my family has experienced. Unfortunately, since Guy has an extensive criminal background getting him on video took a while but I did, I had to leave out an unplugged video camera so it appeared to him he was not on video but in reality he was on video just not by the unplugged cameras. There was more than 1 wireless camera set up……… in short Guy fucked up and is disturbed (which we knew) but he can no longer hide/cover up his insanity and the disturbing things he continues to do. He made himself very comfortable even in my basement and bed…….

    TO DATE, during December 2022 he is on video multiple times on the property where I work and at my HOME again. Over the years he will use different vehicles when his compulsiveness starts getting noticed. Specifically, on Friday, September 9th 2022 at 1pm he is on video and was in a 2 door red truck watching me where I work, he also uses a black car, his white jeep, his bro in law’s truck and stopped using his loud white Dodge Ram we all know.

    So if he asks to borrow your vehicle, track it. My neighbors noticed him stalking my family on May 18th 2022 5:37pm with video and several times the neighbors contacted me in October 2022 that Guy had been on the property and driving around the block STILL.

    Lane – I checked my cameras after hearing about your post and my experience with him in just 2022 alone. Specifically, on Saturday, November 19th 2022 in the late afternoon on video, he is driving around my block with a little girl with a zip-up hoodie on and then parked with the child in front of my home.

    He lies, has stories about everyone, and is very cautious about his family of origin connecting the dots with his lies. He keeps people separate as much as possible with his victim stories, his lies are endless but do surface when people reach out, as his former source did and brought more concern, with his years of heroin addiction and needle use, to my attention. His desperate behavior was gross as well – the lengths he goes for drugs, he will do anything when he does not have a source of money. He is 55+ years old, he did NOT just start manipulating people recently – see police reports and charges from the states he has lived in that include lying to police with his many bs reports. In 10 years he has sadly not had more than 6 months continuously clean. He hides his addictions very well, he has been doing it most of his life and continues to hurt and take advantage of people.

    A mother should know where their child is being taken, ty lane!

  12. You can always tell when he’s trying to convince someone, he will make up s***, he will play the victim,
    he will exaggerate, to cover up whatever lies he has told.
    Gaslighting is his favorite tool. Before he gets violent he usually starts repeating himself when you don’t agree with him and his warped sense of reality.
    I’m glad to hear about the videos because that was behavior he was trying to cover up, has no boundaries with people, is a very unstable person and has problems moving on. Also when confronted with the truth he becomes very angry, enraged – he starts doing things obsessively like calling from private numbers. He has a problem controlling himself with adults and children.
    Btw, I heard one of those cases is not closed and it shouldn’t be closed. He really is best described as an animal and no child or human being should have to ever put up with his disgusting abuse.

  13. Short time ago my husband work for him and left
    Still not paid He uses his real name on POF. seems-to think he a playa lmao he not but he pulls people back by making up something earth shakin when they done wit him
    His phone will ring contacts will come up as a womans name but it really a man drug dealers or chick other way around. Hell label sex partners as fam members when they not and stupid sh@@ always plays like a bi@c$

  14. Anyone that would be willing to share the fictitious personal and company names he has used to scam you as well would be appreciated.

  15. look on the court websites, copies of complaints, not alone he has scammed money/stolen from quite a few… “clients” some over $100k good luck

  16. Not too long ago he was in house with just a few people and he took a men’s gold rope chain with charm that is true. He lies because he has so much to hide, agree he’s a cunt who frequents pawn shops. Should not be around children. He has stolen a lot of money from a lot of people.

  17. He’s not a very bright criminal. There was only a few of us that night in this man’s house and everyone knows Guy stole the gold rope chain when he went off to the bathroom by himself. It’s infuriating he’s the biggest cunt. I hope for Greg’s family that is spoke of in above posts that Bristol Police know about this and pick this scumbag up.

  18. I was contacted on Facebook about a rope chain Guy stole.
    It’s embarrassing to say I have ever knew him.
    I was very clear that I don’t say anything that I wouldn’t say to someone’s face on FB when I replied, this is not something Guy can comprehend as he has no backbone or respect for anyone he puts on a good act,
    so here it goes –
    Guy strings everybody along. Man or woman – it doesn’t matter personal, professional, family. He will go to whatever lengths he has to go to, to make something appear convincing so he gets what he wants and that’s money or items to pawn.
    He will stoop to levels that are so low and lie compulsively. His favorite act is being a victim.
    He will take his acts very far, he’s been doing it for years no matter where he has lived. He is desperate for his source of income and supply of drugs. When you don’t give him what he wants when he wants it, you become his punching bag. I was his emotional, punching bag/scapegoat for years. He did horrible things to me, he raped me. He has an awful evil hateful passive aggressive piece of s*** that will never get better and has never loved anybody but himself.
    This behavior that he had with me was not new behavior. He’s been doing it all of his life.
    He has never had a healthy relationship, and everyone else suffers because of it. I’m not talking about strictly personal relationships even in his phony business relationships he exploits people.
    I wish I knew what I knew now because this was just a pattern for him – I never had to be afraid to come forward about the rape and his rage. He bullied me, and he threatened me as he did everybody else.
    We all know that when guy is exposed he does something cowardly or he has someone else do it for him.
    I would not park my car in my driveway because I didn’t want Guy to think I was home.
    We all know Guy stalks he’s done it in other states he’s been charged with it.
    He had so much time on his hands, that he actually paid attention to where I was parking my car.
    He had my car damaged and is such a sociopath that while the police were knocking at the door to let me know, at the same time Guy was calling my phone when I haven’t talked to him and Guy being a psycho that he is – he was asking me why the police are at my house.

    He thinks that he could do whatever he wants. He has no boundaries.
    Also, no matter where he has lived he has had a problem with stalking. Videos don’t lie. I have videos of his stalking behavior and what he has done to me.
    He had this behavior in every state he lived in he was violent and deviant.
    Even people in the meetings that he goes to are becoming wise of his addiction he goes to the meetings as a cover. Everything is always about what everyone else thinks.
    How things appear to other people so he continues his act at the meetings, people have started to become wise to his act. He truly thinks people are as impressionable and easily influenced as he is.
    I posted this because I was contacted about a gold rope necklace that he stole after a meeting at somebody’s house. It pissed me off that my name would ever come out of his mouth at anytime.
    Fortunately, I was not one of the insecure ones and was always a few steps ahead of his acts.
    In 10 years he has not been clean for longer than six months.
    He lies about everything, his drug and sex addiction, bipolar disorder that he does not manage, makes him very unpredictable and unstable.
    Some of what I know about his stealing:
    He cons money out of this older woman and this particular women, older than he is – we need to make sure we’re talking about the right one because he’s desperate He will put his dick anywhere,
    – he is trying to make his way into her will, he has sex with her, as we all know, he has a compulsion for anal sex- he does not have a conscience he is not someone who has the ability to have remorse he is a sociopath.
    I’m not bringing his addictions up to embarrass him it is being mentioned because he has no regard for anyone else’s health and that is unacceptable. It was unacceptable that he raped me. It was unacceptable that he tried to intimidate me further and damage my property it is unacceptable that he stalks me.

    In regards to his stealing,
    he is known to put on his act when people are coming into money something such as an inheritance or divorce. All of the sudden guys act goes into an academy award performance
    he will be determined to be the closest person to you bc you have something that will be useful to him money and he will use you for it, it’s a pattern for him.
    He tends to pray on women with low self-esteem, lonely, his age or older and have younger children or grandchildren around,
    because it’s easier for him to manipulate. As we all can agree he is a very lazy person.
    This younger blonde that he still to this day still uses drugs with, he uses her for sex, he has been taking her money and making her pay for both of their drug habits when he is low on a source. The lengths he will go to when he cannot get his hands on money to support his drug habit is
    disturbing. Big tough guy…. has been and will absolutely be someone’s bitch to support his addiction.
    Again, it’s being mentioned because he has no regard for anyones Health, and it has went on for a very long time.
    He is a junkie and sex addict no matter what state he lives in the paperwork is there civil, criminal.
    It was also brought to my attention he has went into multiple fraudulent contracts with people scamming them for hundreds of thousands of dollars the court paperwork is there. The lawsuits will just continue to come in, he’s been investigated.
    Just part of his pattern. It was also mentioned he was making up companies that didn’t exist and ripping people off.
    The things that he has done are criminal. He has always been a criminal.
    He has lived a lot of places and the fact is every place he has lived he has repeated the same pattern abusing women, children, theft, battery. He tries to say that he has a criminal background from when he was active in his addiction. That is a lie. He has always been active in his addiction it is not part of his past. Everything is starting to come out with lawsuits where he has taken lots of money from people.
    It was also brought to my attention that he lied about how he funded his assets, major renovations on his house etc it goes on and on.
    There is long line of people he continues to financially abuse.
    He sticks his dick in anything and puts on whatever act he has to. He is a pig. My life has moved on.
    Even though he’s still tries to interfere in at every opportunity he gets.
    It was disgusting and not surprising to hear abt him stealing, he is still the same piece of shit scumbag and will always be.

  19. This is a man who has openly admitted to sleeping with his own cousin a blood relative only in Williamstown New Jersey on his dad’s side. Is rumored for throwing a hooker out of a moving car, and not limited to assaulting a delayed man in the Wawa parking lot in Williamstown. He’s a scumbag, thief.

  20. Just disclaimer:
    He is a narcissist. The mind fuckery, gaslighting, abuse.
    He puts on a wonderful act for people that he does not spend extended periods of time with.
    Anyone who knows him has experienced the drama, chaos that he invents, he is known to make problems where they do not exist. That’s simply what a narcissist does he has to be the center of attention it doesn’t matter if it’s positive or negative as long as he is getting the attention. His insanity and attention seeking is endless. He is not stable.

    My point of this post, YES Guy took my Chanel sunglasses and that is true, he stays local. Hope you get your necklace back Five.

  21. the more truths that come out the more cowardly he becomes he harasses tries to intimidate or has someone do it for him because all of the above defines the cunt he is
    Greg Snyder never-to-be-forgotten

  22. Has anyone heard of the NJ Consumer Fraud Act? Guy has not. Professionally I have watched him leech on people with decent reputations, start a working relationship with referrals, their money, time & then completely screw the home owner and reputation of whomever he is partnering up with for the moment. He is known for playing games on social media, making it look like he just did a job or using pictures from another contractor that he has nothing to do with making it look like he’s a reputable stable man which we all know this guy is not.
    He’s known in williamstown for all sorts of domestic violence. He has scammed hundreds of thousands of dollars making s*** look like gold and ripping people off.

  23. Greg Snyder will never ever be forgotten Guy Luongo.

  24. Bud add predator to domestic violence. He sat down on a couch next to a 10 year old child watching p*** on his phone while Matilda is playing on the TV. He can’t deny it because he had the audacity to pull out his credit card and pay to join the site. Disgustingly found out this was not an isolated incident. He is a documented sick fuck.

  25. Yes!!! When Guy becomes fully disclosed,
    it doesn’t matter what type of court proceeding it is he is notorious for his false counter claims.
    In his pretentious mind he is securing his front for his transgressions bc he has an archive of denied counterclaims.
    He tries to assure whoever he can he is a victim with his erroneous counter claims that are guaranteed denied.

  26. He is a narcissist that jumps from one addiction to another. Guy wants to control how others perceive him. His defenses for insults to his ego cannot be managed. He escalates and justifies any poor behavior in his own diluted mind and to others that his abuse is actually the victim’s fault, he is unable to acknowledge his behavior was wrong or his own fault, even when it is objectively wrong. Whether he lies, steals commits murder, his behavior will never be his own fault. It will always be the fault of other people or outside circumstances. His pathological behavior has lead him to various forms of violence, resulting in him being charged with things such as stalking, battery and providing false information to the police.

  27. Guy is nothing but a coward. Greg Snyder will never be forgotten Guy Luongo.

  28. Last week I had to contact a lawyer because of a fraudulent contract with this jerk’s off home inspection and “subcontracting” work.

  29. That sucks, he’s a coward.
    The only expertise he has is in manipulation/abuse. It doesn’t matter who, what, man, woman, children, business, personal, it
    doesn’t matter – whom ever he leeches onto.
    We can all agree he puts on a great act.
    He will be so codependent and obsessive that you don’t have a minute to think:

    How did I NOT know this person was on drugs?

    He is a narcissist everything he touches is disposable a link to a good business deal – he doesn’t care if you worked 20 years to build your business & reputation,
    if he’s going to benefit and just needs to fuck you over on paper he will.
    FACT: He is a pathological liar and sick fuck.

  30. A hard lesson learned instead of going off just a referral we should have verified everything out of his fraudulent mouth. When we went to retrace our steps before retaining a lawyer, guy has this posted on LinkedIn.
    “Most of the enemies you have are people you once helped in life”
    There is a constant theme of victim mentality, theft by deception? he is a criminal with no regret.
    Who needs enemies when you hire Guy Luongo? How did he help people by stealing our money?

    Public record:
    What law governs your conduct when dealing with consumers in a home improvement contract?
    “I don’t know”
    You don’t know?
    No idea?
    “No, I don’t”
    You are a qualified home improvement contractor, right?……. (no response)

  31. Bankruptcy is not intended nor is it a home for people who commit fraud like Guy Luongo. Homeowners that were ripped off need to initiate a collection action asap with a bankruptcy attorney and criminal charges.

  32. Hello…. he has been charged with theft by deception.
    Does anyone have an update from the Snyder family or Bristol police?

  33. He scams anywhere he can.
    He has no shame he invents stories about everyone. His one aunt gets him a reduced rate on his legal fees with his married, attorney. The other, aunt hides his assets like his truck in her name. Ed and his wife….. he has done nothing but manipulate and take advantage of these poor people for years for their pity and support he never sincerely deserved – he cons everyone.
    He will borrow the tags for his trailer from his FRIEND because his trailer is not tagged. He claimed he could not get it tagged – more lies….he was covering his tracks with his fraudulent contracts. It could be linked to his friend’s company, but not to him, that’s the kind of friend that this loser is no loyalty to anyone in any way not even his enabling family.
    He is not capable of telling the truth. He can’t tell the truth about why he was required to be supervised. He can’t tell the truth about two different counties questioning, his behavior with children, theres an open case right where he lives. He is a complete scumbag it has been put on record by more than a few people and he will end up in jail again where he belongs.

  34. If he stole from you check local pawn shops. Whoever posted about the gold rope chain hope you got it back. He is capable of lying on a daily basis to anyone’s face – it’s what he does….. he has done awful things and is not a stable person.

  35. Looking for your furniture? Guy is full of lies with his family and has them thinking he is clean and going to meetings. Feel bad for Ed he is clueless. Guy is an embarrassment. He goes to the na meetings to recruit. Anyone also looking for jewelry? Guy and his 3 brazen acquaintances can be found on surveillance walking out, carrying a tv, entertainment center and more.

  36. fact checked: GLO – L -000236-22 vs Creative Remodeling (not legitimate)/Guy Luongo (criminal) (856) 878-5050

  37. Who is deaf and dumb enough to be manipulated into paying Guy’s legal fees and lending him money?
    All of his sob stories to get people to give him money. The business is slow and all the other problems he has invented.
    He tried to invent he had cancer to get money from people.
    He tried to convince people his tools were stolen from his box truck – just 1 of his fraudulent insurance scams…..

    Who isn’t laughing at Guy running to get reinstatement paperwork in July of 2023?
    Like it proves a point or makes any difference for him!!!!!!
    Lmao it appears Guy is in cover-up mode yet again….
    Who hasn’t seen this repeated pattern over the years from Guy?
    Him looking to cling onto anything or any lawyer he can to manipulate into representing him and try to convince people that he’s not a criminal.
    In July 2023 Guy is just as desperate as he is pathetic by running to get reinstatement paperwork in NJ at this late date after how many years? How many fraudulent contracts?
    How many people has he stole from and ripped off?

    He has already been exposed for the criminal he is, he’s not gonna convince anybody that he’s not a thief in July of 2023.. no judge will be swayed or impressed with how delayed you are.

    Guy has found another puppet after being dumped by his first lawyer for compulsively lying and bullying him.
    After years of Guy’s bullshit, he finally got fed up and would not represent Guy anymore. Look at all Guy’s legal cases, civil and criminal and see how many times this same man comes up. If you know him, you are aware of all the emasculation he suffered from Guy.
    He refused to be strong armed by junkie Guy into behaving unethically and lying for him anymore. He got sick of all Guy’s irrational demands over the years and not limited to Guy’s professionally embarrassing/invented counter claims, false statements, false contracts, false reports to the police – a pattern Guy maintained in every state he has lived in- the police have even charged him with false reporting ….
    violent behavior and it goes on and on.
    Ask Williamstown police, how many times Guy has cowardly called them, wasted their time and how many reports over the years that he has made with his absolute fraudulent bullshit.
    This is not limited to just adults- he’s a fucking freak.
    Of course, Guy ATTEMPTS to manipulate
    the truth of his behavior with his 1st lawyer by misleading
    his now second lawyer, to
    make it look, as if his first lawyer, who has represented Guy for years
    just simply walked away from the case out of the blue…
    lmao!!!! Who hasn’t been there with Guy? At some point everybody else is crazy except for the narcissist Guy.

    Public record:
    What law governs your conduct when dealing with consumers in a home improvement contract?
“I don’t know”
You don’t know?
No idea?
“No, I don’t”
You are a qualified home improvement contractor, right?……. (no response)
    Guy’s above statement verbatim on record in this same case…
    Guy is hiding behind a second lawyer trying to further manipulate and claim that the couple who Guy ripped off for over $100,000 were long time friends now – that’s Guy’s new manipulation tactic in July 2023 with his replacement lawyer.

    Why did Guy write up a fraudulent contract in fraudulent company names for the couple if they were friends?
    Who applied for reinstatement in July 2023? That’s right Guy who’s trying to backtrack as fast as he can because he is exposed for the criminal coward thief that he is AGAIN.

    What law governs your conduct when dealing with consumers in a home improvement contract?
“I don’t know”
You don’t know?
No idea?
“No, I don’t”
You are a qualified home improvement contractor, right?……. (no response)

    Anyone can understand the lawyer and/or judge’s anger with
    Guy – he is truly delusional and truly thinks that getting reinstated in July 2023 makes him look reputable. You have never been reputable a day in your life Guy. You belong back in jail where you have been before.
    When he denies being a junkie –
    Look in between his toes that’s where he shoots heroin ask him to take off his shoes for you – take a good look at all the fungus, the crumbling
    toenails and in between his toes… at one point he was trying to convince me it was gout.

    Guy thinks he is untouchable with his criminal behavior, sexual abuse/misconduct – you are delusional and have exploited anything you can get your psychotic hands on. Karma sure is catching up with you now!

  38. Guy is always in court with somebody. He always has a legal situation that is ongoing personal or professional. The situations are always due to him, because he is in need of attention – positive or negative, he could need a scapegoat on paper, he uses anyone – he creates drama. He goes to great lengths to invent chaos where it doesn’t exist. No one is off-limits and he has no boundaries.
    It is what he thrives off of along with calling the police and/or trying to hide behind the police like a sissy when he has overstepped with his behavior personally or professionally.
    He is not a healthy person and never will have a healthy relationship a day in his life, personal or professional.
    He uses different channels, to create a fake persona of himself.
    (Mimicking the person who tries to make themselves appear as an active parent… however in reality is a let down/deadbeat that requires supervision and has very little contact
    with their children. It’s all about how everything looks. He has to hide the truth.
    Guy is a narcissist, and he will go to every length he can, even making an effort for a false impression. As a man, he is even OK with taking credit for the work of someone else that he never lifted a finger for) During his court dramas, he always seems to refer to a text message that he clings onto – the text is always exchanged when Guy’s Target first meets him when Guy is putting on his act, that we all know he cannot put on for extended periods of time. He will cling onto anything that you said to him when he was providing a false impression of himself it’s part of his pattern with people.
    Guy will have it put in a court document like he has some sort of important point with these text(s) when it is very pathetic and desperate.
    He behaves like a sissy with these text messages and is not ashamed of himself bc he is not a man repeated behavior just different people – he’s a vagina.

  39. People can’t run from karma.
    Greg Snyder will never be forgotten.
    Not for a day not for an hour not for a minute, not ever.
    You are a coward Guy Luongo

  40. Guy threatened his own lawyer and tried to intimidate his
    daughter. What Hovatter stated as his reasons for withdrawing as luongo’s counsel, others have experienced the same want to be thug conduct
    from Guy. It’s on record.
    I hope he at least gets paid because now Guy is claiming bankruptcy and trying to avoid his criminal consequences. Fortunately, for everyone he has ripped off it doesn’t seem to be working out too well. God bless!


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