STD Monitor STD Registry Infection Detected! Lima, Greater London: Eduardo Hochschild

Infection Detected! Lima, Greater London: Eduardo Hochschild


First Easement Agreement of Mining Service date: November 23, 2009-for 25 years.
Second Easement Agreement of Mining Service date: January 9, 2019-for 20years

Additionally, the legal agreements were signed, allegedly by authorized mining corporation representatives to achieve project rollout, the aforementioned involved were: Alberto Bailetti W, Noe Vilcas Munive. However, after a series of reviewing documents there was a confirmation of falsified signatures albeit certified by graphologists, and this reason it led a Complaint for Nullity of a Legal Act has been filed, [Exp. 190922016], the Judge assigned in charge did not rule nor resolve this case due to pressure from the mining company. The effects to escalate in other judicial departments has been very strong in the Peruvian branches, as well as the Congress of the Republic and the Executive Branch, due to the corrupt system that prevails in thecountry.
Unfortunately, due to this national shame with widespread corruption and injustice in Peru, the indigenous Huallhua community and Casero Casma Palla Palla, decided to communicate to the world the Human Rights Violation that they are victims of this mining company of English origin, Hochschild Mining PLC. From this date we will issue a Monthly Report, for all the abuses, claims, and violations that have occurred and currently being carried out through the Executives of the mining company: Toms Rivas Cruz, Gustavo de Vinatea Bellatin and team. The communities are mindful and aware who manage the company policies, and represent opinions of the CEO of the company; Eduardo Hochschild Beeck. Edward Hochshil's company has been very concerned about accumulating millions of dollars a day that the Inmaculada Project produces, without being fully environmentally compliant and socially responsible on the lives of the human beings who live in the Towns such as Huallhua, Casma Palla Palla and Huancute. #eduardohochschild #hepatitisc #lima #greaterlondon

Source: Infection Detected! Lima, Greater London: Eduardo Hochschild


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