STD Monitor STD Registry Outbreak Alert! Lac La Biche , Alberta: Lambert Lambert

Outbreak Alert! Lac La Biche , Alberta: Lambert Lambert



Get a load of this oil field, trash, bag, cheating, gold, digging fishy smelling two timing, cheating whore of a wife

Do you like fucking married men NOW??

While her husband, Jules is out on the field for his two week hitch you can find mrs. Shaylynne Cardinal looking, thirsty all over her social media this lowlife, dirty skanky whore has two Facebook, one for her married life, and one for her slutty skanky little fishy pussy life.

This woman has the audacity to sleep with married men. Her husband is at work and then when her husband comes home from work, she plays the happy little married wife.

Shaylynne Cardinal Monias Lambert You fucking dirty whore Do you like fucking married Men does it make your STINK pussy wet.. #lambertlambert #genitalherpes #laclabiche #alberta

Source: Outbreak Alert! Lac La Biche , Alberta: Lambert Lambert


1 thought on “Outbreak Alert! Lac La Biche , Alberta: Lambert Lambert”

  1. These are not accusations!!
    WHORE SHAYE! Is this you finally exposed for everything that you put Jules through?…. WOW finally someone brought this forward instead of you, spreading your big pussy lips all over lac La bish. Herpes coming out of your Cunt….. You fucked around with so many married men you don’t even know how many women are out for you..Does Wayne Lambert know how big of a fucking whore you are? Maybe we should send him packages too… You fucking trashy slut leaving your kids all over at babysitters and with their grandpa Wayne Lambert so you can go out and get fucked while Jules is at work. Did you go pick up a bag of cocaine for the man that’s gonna fuck your Cunt…. Keep trying to remove all of this off the Internet it’s gonna keep coming for you you fucking slut whores get what they deserve and you’re a fucking whore…..You fucking slutty little bitch did grandpa molest you? Is that why you’re such a whore…Fuck this I’m gonna release everything on you..I will have Child and family service investigate your family.. You fucking cocaine whore you just leave your kids at home with babysitters or with Wayne Lambert so you can go out and get fucked and do blow all night you fucking skanky trashy loser get a fucking job instead of fucking getting fucked by married men you horny fucking nasty slut..It’s all fucking fun and games until you get caught and exposed isn’t it?
    Does fucking married men make your big pussy wet. Just a pussy full of herpes.

    It’s all fun and games until you fucking get caught. Isn’t it you dirty fucking whore I bet you never thought this was ever gonna happen in your life.



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