STD Monitor STD Registry Outbreak Detected! Enoch, Alberta: Jules Cardinal

Outbreak Detected! Enoch, Alberta: Jules Cardinal


The Mrs. Shaylynn, Cardinal. Aka Shaye Monias Aka Lambert.. this unhappy married wife would much rather sleep around on her husband Jules and spread herpes all around the Northern oilfield boys..

Go fix your Teeth fixed you FAT Slutty Bitch. Stink Pussy Whore just has herpes all around your pussy lips.

This one right here is a proud, oilfield wife. She sits at home while her husband is on a two week hitch and she hooks up with random men all over the Bonnieville Alberta area. Edmonton Alberta and Cold Lake Alberta. Lac La Biche. This one has a really bad reputation all over northern Alberta for being a Passaround amongst all the oilfield boys. apparently she smells like FISH remember that hot steamy night in August when you were fucking my husband gross bitch getting FUCKED While Jules was at work haha

Getting all those tattoos you think youd get that cock sucking mouth fixed and those ugly teeth of yours..

SHAY MONIAS YOU BIG LOOSE FISH BAG! Quit sleeping around with married men you FUCKING SLUT.

Leaving your stink smell all over my husband and then you go home to your husband fucking puke..

Have you addressed the fact that you have herpes?

If any of the oilfield boys want to take a turn on Mrs Cardinal/Monias, shes in the 780 area code wet and horney she will drive to you for a good fuck oh and no condoms needed with this one. CUM BUCKET..

Just leaves her kids at home while you go out and get fucked so trashy fishy and gross. You big fucking slut

Im sending this to your husband

Keep fucking married men you fucking disgusting dirty slutty fucking bitch..

Hugs and kisses to you bitch..

Just a small FYI Im gonna post the nudes that you sent him also

Go fix your teeth you fat slutty Bitch

Let this be your lesson to stop sleeping around with married men you fucking married whore.. #julescardinal #genitalwarts #enoch #alberta

Source: Outbreak Detected! Enoch, Alberta: Jules Cardinal


1 thought on “Outbreak Detected! Enoch, Alberta: Jules Cardinal”

  1. These aren’t accusations!!!

    WHORE SHAYE! Is this you finally exposed for everything that you put Jules through?…. WOW finally someone brought this forward instead of you, spreading your big pussy lips all over lac La bish. Herpes coming out of your Cunt….. You fucked around with so many married men you don’t even know how many women are out for you..Does Wayne Lambert know how big of a fucking whore you are? Maybe we should send him packages too… You fucking trashy slut leaving your kids all over at babysitters and with their grandpa Wayne Lambert so you can go out and get fucked while Jules is at work. Did you go pick up a bag of cocaine for the man that’s gonna fuck your Cunt…. Keep trying to remove all of this off the Internet it’s gonna keep coming for you you fucking slut whores get what they deserve and you’re a fucking whore…..You fucking slutty little bitch did grandpa molest you? Is that why you’re such a whore…Fuck this I’m gonna release everything on you..I will have Child and family service investigate your family.. You fucking cocaine whore you just leave your kids at home with babysitters or with Wayne Lambert so you can go out and get fucked and do blow all night you fucking skanky trashy loser get a fucking job instead of fucking getting fucked by married men you horny fucking nasty slut..It’s all fucking fun and games until you get caught and exposed isn’t it?
    Does fucking married men make your big pussy wet. Just a pussy full of herpes.

    It’s all fun and games until you fucking get caught. Isn’t it you dirty fucking whore I bet you never thought this was ever gonna happen in your life.

    Your nudes are being sold on


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