STD Monitor STD Registry Outbreak Alert! Dearborn , Michigan: Christopher Slepsky

Outbreak Alert! Dearborn , Michigan: Christopher Slepsky


Avoid this man at all costs. He is on multiple dating apps. He is a liar, a cheater, and a narcissist. He will play on your emotions so you feel sorry for him and then try to take advantage of you. He is incapable of telling the truth. Do not trust whatever he says because it will be a lie. He is screwing around with multiple women and lies about it and his health. He preys upon women. If you see him on a dating app avoid him. When a woman loses interest in him he gets off on trying to ruin them. He cannot handle the rejection! One would think after all these years of being unwanted he would form some sort of coping mechanism. He also refuses to use a condom so when you are sleeping with him you are sleeping with half the state of Michigan. Do not trust this bum. He will cry the blues and play victim if you break up with him. There is a reason he is 60 something and has never been in a long term relationship. He has incredibly low self esteem, he's unstable & manipulative. He doesn't only like his women young and damaged, he has a sick obsession
with married women. Do not trust this man.
He will use you for everything you have worked hard for because he has nothing, no
future! He cheated on me the whole relationship and gaslighted me through it all.
He has anger issues. He's broken tables, punched walls, and broke phones multiple times.
He verbally abused me on a regular basis and shoved me and slapped me on a few rare occasions. He thinks he's the sht but he's just another narcissistic douchebag barely getting
by in life. Claims to be a big play boy. The only thing hes throwing down is big tantrums and ego when he doesnt get his way by taking advantage of you. Liar, cheater, thief and not able to get hard. #christopherslepsky #genitalherpes #dearborn #michigan

Source: Outbreak Alert! Dearborn , Michigan: Christopher Slepsky


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