STD Monitor STD Registry Outbreak Alert! Rutherford, New Jersey: Peter Cheplic

Outbreak Alert! Rutherford, New Jersey: Peter Cheplic


Known for being a priest and reverend as well as other important titles in the Catholic community
for many years he was preaching in local churches in weehawken, hoboken
and west new york. the man was reported to have touched several male students'
penis for sexual gratification while lecturing an eternal suite in the afterlife
but once the male students grew up and had the courage to stand up
and report the abnormal and disgusting behavior, the archdiocese of
newark supposedly removed the religious title of Peter Cheplic.

Moral of the story: to any priest that joined
the priesthood because they couldn't find a normal job in retail,
cleaning, garbage, truck or customer services to leave the priesthood —
don't approach young boys or girls for sex. you will be found and humiliated.
these are the 2000's, there's GRINDR, Tinder, or some anonymous ways to get butt sex
or getting your hose sucked or some Diner to meet a skinny or giant sized bubba.
If any of you spiritual people that talk about afterlife, Jesus and God but at the
same time enjoy taking advantage, hurt the least fortunate – go do it with your own
kind of people that enjoy humiliating mutilating and abusing. The planet has some sick
minded people that do nasty things and at the same time pretend to be compliant civilized
human beings but twisted minded when the masses are not watching such check Dimitry Gentile,
Alex DeRojas, Richard Rodriguez for example.

These sickos pretend to believe in spiritual quotes from bible, quran, scientology,
book of mormon but overall to get the chance to get a job that just
requires hour long chatter to people that psychologically and desperately
need a mental relief that things will be better in their life. #petercheplic #genitalherpes #rutherford #newjersey

Source: Outbreak Alert! Rutherford, New Jersey: Peter Cheplic


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