STD Monitor STD Registry Outbreak Alert! Cherry Hill/ Wallington, New Jersey: Darren Ambler

Outbreak Alert! Cherry Hill/ Wallington, New Jersey: Darren Ambler


1. DARREN AMBLER of Cherry Hill New Jersey and Wallington New Jersey is still living the PROSTITUTE LIFESTYLE that he enjoys so much. Just ask his Old Flames Megan, Stephie, Katie, Jennifer, Alina, Angie, Mindy, Lauren and the 88 other gals whos name I need not mention. Plus all of Darren Ambler's ILLIGIMATE OFFSPRING. He is such a DUMB LOSER. If you are going to screw every Hooker in PA , NJ and New York use Birth control. This freak is a naive, stupid, ugly, smelly brain dead MORON. Darren Ambler thinks being a low life scum bucket with Herpes is COOL. Darren is in denial about his STD's. Just like he is in denial about his prostitution and drug habits.

2. Darren Ambler is a SEX ADDICT, DRUG ADDICTED HOMELY CREEP with no MORALS, CLASS, BREEDING OR MANNERS. Just Gutter trash. Ask any of his former Dome's or Lovers. Darren paid up to 75K over 6 years for Sex services. He paid through the VENMO payment service (Proof exists). But this smelly loser refuses to support his 6 illegitimate offspring. What a selfish, arrogant male hooker. Darren also has infected at least 130 women with Herpes, Chlamydia and crabs. Darren Ambler is gross, ugly, has no body, personality and his breath is gross. Darren refused to get antibiotics for his STD's so his internal organs are rotting away with pus and decay. YES- gross baby!

Darren lives in a fantasy land. His whole life is Hookers, Sex, dope, grass, pills, ugliness, illegitimate kids and pornography. Darren is an incompetent person, father and a poor excuse for a human being. When looks and class were given out Darren was screwing that day and missed out on all that. It is obvious. Darren is classless, and has zero breeding . He dresses like a bum and he is a cheap skate. Darren loves abusing, sodomizing and raping paid domes and street walkers.

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Source: Outbreak Alert! Cherry Hill/ Wallington, New Jersey: Darren Ambler


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