STD Monitor STD Registry Outbreak Alert! HILLS, Pennsylvania: Shaune Hyla

Outbreak Alert! HILLS, Pennsylvania: Shaune Hyla


BEWARE OF SHAUNE HYLA !!! I was warned by her so called friend,
who told me that she will and was only using me for money. She has
no problem or issue throwing around the word Love to you, to get
what she wants. She uses men to her ability, to get hers!! She will tell
you the sad life story that how rough she had it while she was with
her kid's dad. And knowing that, I let my guard down and gave her the
benefit of the doubt and took a chance anyways. I can go on and on
about SHAUNE and how her true colors finally came out, and who she
is as a person!! And this part of the message goes out to the guys
shes dating now, if you think youre the only one that will ever
receive nude pictures of her, think again! I have explicit pictures and
videos of her, so like I said, if you think youre the only guy thats ever
received them or will ever receive them. Not true!! SHAUNE is not
girlfriend material, And keep this
in the back your head or in your mind, Im sure that you knew
SHAUNE was in a relationship, but she proved to you that she will
cheat and step out on a relationship to get what she wants. So she
not only proved to you that shes a cheater!! But also shes a liar!!
And a home wrecker!! That you both are capable of
cheating on one another in time!! And finally, to sum it all up.Shaune is like a public washing machine with lots of
loads put in it !!
Just to add to this post & warning about Shaune, in March of 2022, I
was diagnosed with and tested positive with a STD. Shaune was the
only one I was with during our supposedly time dating, & being
together. After finding out about her multiple other relationships, even
when she did admit to me in the month of September of 2022, that she
had been seeing others & multiple men other than myself. I know now,
that Shaune is and could be the only one I contracted STDs from. This
is just to warn anyone dating or involved with this person!! Be
careful!!! You have been warned. #shaunehyla #genitalherpes #hills #pennsylvania

Source: Outbreak Alert! HILLS, Pennsylvania: Shaune Hyla


5 thoughts on “Outbreak Alert! HILLS, Pennsylvania: Shaune Hyla”

  1. This POS works at Extreme Sun Capsule Me and my lady went tanning there and this B***h came on to me while my girl was tanning Then after I told her to kick rocks, She found me on Facebook and stalked me. She is CRAZY I finally had to block her But now she is hooking up with all my boys that are friends on Facebook and i mean all of them Now most of my boys have STDs This s**T is NUTS This B***h is giving out STDs like candy Avoid at all cost !!!!! She is NASSSSTYYYY !!!!!!!

  2. This THING works with my soon to be ex-husband They work at Sonwill Log. in West Seneca NY Shaune and my ex-husband had a affair and slept around behind mine and my children’s back. Not sure for how long But long enough for my husband to get STDs from her. As for myself i all so have STDs because the bastard was sleeping with me also. From what my husband tells me She is sleeping with most of the guys from Sonwill . Please get checked out if you are one of them Myself and my children are staying away from this crotch rot and their father. IM GETTING A DIVORCE SL*T Good Luck He is all yours

  3. Please beware of this mentally unstable stalker. She attempts to contact via social media and then lends a sympathetic ear to egotistical husband’s who want to ***** about their wives. She Is the typical Fatal Attraction without the good looks. She is a conniving selfish piece of trash and doesn’t care about destroying families with children because she has none of her own. How messed up is that? I blame my husband as well and things will never be the same. I pray karma gets this ***** for me.


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