STD Monitor STD Registry Outbreak Alert! Edmonton, Alberta: Bregane Bushong

Outbreak Alert! Edmonton, Alberta: Bregane Bushong


Bregane Bushong has genital herpes and slept with a partner for roughly a year without taking all proper precautions and without informing them, continually risking permanently affecting their health. She also continued to sleep with a partner a number of times after finding out she had chlamydia without informing them, infecting this person. People like her are the reason STDs like these spread. She's shown herself to be a selfish and disgusting person with no respect for the health or feelings of her partners.

Evidence was found that Bregane Bushong had been intentionally hiding her genital herpes diagnosis for a year, knowingly continuing to sleep with her partner for that entire time without proper precautions. When confronted, she admitted to having hid it. However, she did not seem the slightest bit remorseful or apologetic, so it seems likely that she will continue to do this to other partners, especially since this was not her first time hiding an STD and knowingly putting a partner at risk. Be aware of this disease centre. #breganebushong #genitalherpes #edmonton #alberta

Source: Outbreak Alert! Edmonton, Alberta: Bregane Bushong


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  1. This information about Bregane Bushong needs to get out so that she can’t continue to do this to other people. She’s a bad person in many other ways beyond just this. She’s sneaky and manipulative. Men beware! Do not date unless you want diseases and for her to be disrespectful and sneaky behind your back!


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