STD Monitor STD Registry Outbreak Alert! Rochdale Manchester, Highland: Sadia Ali

Outbreak Alert! Rochdale Manchester, Highland: Sadia Ali


Very few people are as intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually bankrupt as Sadia Ali of London, Rochdale, Lancashire and Manchester, UK. Sadia Ali goes by the aliases Sardi, Sardia,Sardiya, Sardiii , Saardia, Saardia, Sardiaa …The variations are infinite. "Sardi's" reputation as a halawa cryptocurrency scammer and scamming s*x worker have been established in other posts. Try using search engines other than Google. Sadia Ali / Sardi is a long time apologist for her friends, criminals and deviants like perps from The Rosedale Ring, r*pists and traffickers of children. Sadia claims "reality isn't what it's like in the news. Most white ppl look older than they are and some of them were just stupid sl*ts" Pretty disgusting because she is a mom.
Only thing that would make sense of her words and actions is the fact Sadia has been suffering mental disorders for most of her adult life. This still isn't an excuse to scam, blackmail, threaten, and harass innocent people. If you have been a victim of "Sardi" these addresses are where you would send her registered mail. Online, Sadia tries hard to come across as smarter, much better looking, and more well to do than real life but she is sadly limited by herself. If you know Sadia, you know who she associates with and where she loiters. This is a sad woman who tried desperately to be somebody and failed miserably because she is a horrible person who brags about bringing harm to others. Scamming and blackmailing isn't anything to be proud of and yet Sardi thinks this makes her smart.

The names associated with the addresses are her minders. Sardi tells people her partner beats her and her children. None of it is true but Sardi is forever making up tales for attention.

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Source: Outbreak Alert! Rochdale Manchester, Highland: Sadia Ali


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