STD Monitor STD Registry Outbreak Alert! Austin, Texas: Adam Alfter

Outbreak Alert! Austin, Texas: Adam Alfter

adamPlease be careful about Adam Alfter. He is on multiple dating platforms. He has a history of sleeping with multiple women in Austin without disclosing that he has genital herpes. When confronted by his partners, he blames the women he has slept with, saying its their fault for not making him wear a condom. Please be safe and take care. #adamalfter #genitalherpes #austin #texas

Discovered on November 20, 2021

Source Outbreak Alert! Austin, Texas: Adam Alfter


29 thoughts on “Outbreak Alert! Austin, Texas: Adam Alfter”

  1. This dude is a total creep. He lies on his job applications and says he is a chef, but he dropped out of culinary school and doesn’t have a culinary degree.

  2. Anyone tell that anorexic chick? Maybe she ok w it tho…ugly as hell and no tits. He all she can get lmfao

  3. Dude!! Like a fuckin nasty ass starved dwarf. Those gross neck tendons 🤣🤢 feel sorry for her though, man.

  4. Ha! His idea of treating a lady right — taking her to Uchi and then name dropping his way through HH to make it seem like he’s important. Then, he’ll make sure you know how much money he spent on you there (even though he paid with a gift card). Next, he’ll ask you to go to Soup Peddler so you can see his picture with Leslie on the wall. So self involved and narcissistic. Agreed that dude is a twat!

  5. Did he tell anyone else about the restaurant he “owned” 🤣… a sandwich shop in a cafeteria that shared kitchen space with other cafeteria restaurants in a small town in Maine. It got meh reviews and closed before 2 months. He talks it up like it was actually a big fuckin deal and amazing. So embarrassing…he’s good at making connections and conning people into thinking he’s important. That’s about it. After you get to know him, yeah you finally see that he’s really a twat.

  6. Y’all doesn’t he have like a brain injury or something? Like mentally disabled? He shouldn’t be spreading stds or lying, but cut him a break if he has an intellectual disability. And don’t be mean to girls who get involved with him.

  7. Short term memory loss, no intellectual disability. He knows his behavior is wrong, but thinks he’s special/elite and allowed to treat/use others however he wants. People are disposable to him. He’s a narcissist. He’s probably reading this now and relishing how he can spin this into victimhood status and get sympathy. But everyone should stop talking ish about any girls he’s conning. Narcissists choose vulnerable, empathic people with low self esteem. It’s not the girls’ fault. He’s the problem.

  8. Literally rn he’s pulling the next big con and pretending he’s reforming lolol. Narcissist never change, they just get better at being narcissist lolololol.

  9. Narcissism works if you actually have talent. He doesn’t, which is why he’s in his mid 40s and pretending he’s a celebrity chef while working as a line cook and treating Austin women like shit. He thinks because he knows obscure bands he’s in some higher rung on the ladder. TWAT. TWAT. TWAT.

  10. Adam Alfter emotionally abused Suzanne Hodgson. Suzanne moved from Portland Maine to Austin with Adam, and he abandoned her so he could date who he thought was a hotter chick Yara Erazo. Shortly after meeting Yara, Adam kicked Suzanne out, and a couple months later Suzanne was involved in a drunk driving crash where someone died. Suzanne was completely alone/abandoned, and reached out to Adam who ignored her. She committed suicide quickly after. Adam Alfter is a narcissistic shitbag.

  11. I remember that. It was pushed under the rug. Sucks that emotionally abusive shitbags can’t be prosecuted for the damage they cause.

  12. He blamed it on Suzanne, said he thought she was cheating on him when he happened to glance at her laptop screen. He lied to make himself look like the victim when he was really the one cheating and kicked her out to date Yara. Then he pretended to be the victim when she committed suicide. Seriously, this guy is a shitbag.

  13. Adam told me Suzanne physically abused him. I was like fuck yeah right…emotional abusers/narcissists project that shit and always cast themselves as the victim. She was reacting to his emotional abuse.

  14. Y’all chill he in his mid 40s and working as a line cook? Yeah you askin too much, of course he gonna be a skank. Let him be, let him skank up with his kind lol. Smart people avoid this kinda shit.

  15. I think the girl who died was a rumor going around back then. Whatever it is, bad things happen wherever this guy goes. He brings the bad karma.


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