STD Monitor STD Registry Outbreak Alert! Tampa, Florida: Sydney Mauk

Outbreak Alert! Tampa, Florida: Sydney Mauk

sydneyTampa BEWARE. This dirty nasty skank from tinder has genital herpes and has spread it to men without disclosing. She though it was hilarious that she spread it to a friend of mine and and kept denying it & laughed at him telling him thats what he got for fucking her and told him to have a lawyer contact her. Recently came across her on tinder. Dude warned us about her. She lied about being clean, He used a condom and still caught it not knowing she has fuking HERPES a & got a nasty ob 1 week later. Dude is devastated af and this skank destroyed his life If you want an easy std ridden fuck hit her up since she thinks its so hilarious (:She sucks and fucks anything that moves and puts out to anyone. Shes a walking disease . Not EVEN A CONDOM CAN SAVE YOU FROM THIS DEADBEAT OF A WHORE Thank God you cant reproduce we dont need anymore white trash skanks like you in this world gtfo #sydneymauk #genitalherpes #tampa #florida

Discovered on November 10, 2021

Source Outbreak Alert! Tampa, Florida: Sydney Mauk


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