Knowing the psychological stress, anxiety and depression that a diagnosis of genital warts can bring.. would you rather know you have genital hpv ? Or would you rather not know? I guess I seen so many doctors that tell me i do not have genital hpv but I have come across a few that say its suspected. At this point I don’t know what to believe. I’m scared to really know if I have it…. I guess I’m asking because tomorrow I have an upcoming appointment with a dermatologist, I have a few bumps on my penis, 7 to be exact. They do not look like genital warts. The doctor her self seen pictures and said that they do not look like warts and that if I’d like I can get them cryotherapied and that either way as treatment would be the same if it is or if it isn’t. She also said she does not recommend biopsy as it will cause scarring and if I want she can give me aldara as a precaution. I guess in a male perspective in my situation not really being sure of weather or not I have genital hpv , should I 1) just aggressively freeze them and move on and hope they do not come back or should I 2) get it biopsied , freeze them wait for results and move on?

I’m just scared to really know … like if it is I know what it will do mentally to me… I already took many full std panels including hsv-1 and hsv-2 and I been clean on all. But this whole hpv thing has been bringing me down because I do not know if I have it. I guess its the only sti that I am unsure that I have.. I mean as a kid I had my full dose of the quadravalent gardasil vaccine.

Should I just freeze it or move on, or should I biopsy it treat and move on ? I’m just scared to know if it is as I know it will mentally mess me up.

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Discovered on September 10, 2021

Source r/HPV – Would you rather know and treat? or not know and treat ? (Psychological purposes)

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