STD Monitor Social r/HPV – Just got my results this morning, I had no idea, what do I do now?!

r/HPV – Just got my results this morning, I had no idea, what do I do now?!

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I’ve had a lot of unprotected sex. But I’ve read that even with condoms you can get GWs. I know I got one Gardasil shot but idk if I got the second one.

I can’t remember when I felt the bumps the first time but I thought they were skin tags or scars from cutting myself shaving. The thought that they were GWs crossed my mind recently but I just kept denying it.

I knew several of my partners had a lot of unprotected sex with a lot of people but for some reason I thought I wouldn’t get anything so serious.

I’ve had 5 partners in the last 3 years. 2 of which I cannot contact. One I already told him to get a chlamydia test when we were first dating years ago cause I got it from someone else, who I think is who gave me HPV. And was my partner again before my husband.

I want to scream at the person who probably gave it to me. But it could be two people. Do I tell them?

I woke up to the test results this morning and just handed my phone to my husband. He took it pretty well but now I’ve given him HPV and he can get cancer. I could get throat cancer as I give him oral almost everyday. I haven’t looked that close at his genitals but there would be signs at this point.

I’m fucking scared.

I’ve been feeling weird and losing weight.

I told my doctors I was afraid I had cancer but thought it was stomach cancer, but now idk. I have 14 different types.

I guess 8 and 11 cause GWs? But I definitely have them now that I looked in a mirror and Googled pictures.

I’ve been researching all morning and trying to figure out if this is curable?! Do I get them lazered off and take medicine and it goes away? I have insurance but my husband doesn’t. So it’s pointless to cure mine unless he gets his cured.

I feel so fucking disgusting. I never want to have sex again. My husband said he will still have sex with me that we’ve already got it.

I can’t have this kind of stress in my life.

I can’t think of anything else now

I just came out of a depression


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Discovered on August 25, 2021

Source r/HPV – Just got my results this morning, I had no idea, what do I do now?!


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