STD Monitor News Why youth are shying away from using condoms

Why youth are shying away from using condoms

Why youth are shying away from using condoms

As much as there are reports of condom shortage in the country, the youth, mostly men, are shying from using it. 

The condom shortage challenge was, however, denied by Health Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha in January. 

“As of this morning, we have 38 million pieces of condoms. In relation to the population of Kenyans, you can see we are overstocked depending on how many are used at a go. We have sufficient quantities,” she said. 

With all the risks involved with practicing unprotected sex, the youth believe,  ‘raw’ sex is the way to go.

Kimani Wanjohi, a Nairobi resident, who is not married, says the reason why he doesn’t use a condom during intercourse is he doesn’t ‘feel the pleasure’ as he is supposed to. 

“To be honest, there is no real pleasure while using a condom, I have in most cases carried an HIV self-test kit to avoid using the latex,” he said. 

Wanjohi added that as much as he is aware of STDs, and STIs, he is only afraid of HIV/AIDs, and he is sure he can get treated against STIs and STDs.

“Ni ukedi(HIV/AIDs) tu ndio naogopa mimi, kama ni mimba, tutalea,” he added. 

(I am only afraid of HIV/AIDs, if it’s pregnancy, we can take care of the baby.) 

Martin Otieno, a city lawyer on the other hand said he doesn’t use the latex because it squeezes his manhood. 

“Most of the time, I feel so uncomfortable with a condom on, condoms squeeze my manhood, and I also don’t last long while using it. I decide to remain faithful to one partner for that reason,” he said. 

Wesly Wafula on the other hand said most of the condom latex in the market come with extra lubrication, which makes one increase their speed during the act, yet they are in for enjoyment.

“I like doing my things slowly, the extra lubrication makes me increase the speed as opposed to raw intercourse, also, some of them are itchy,” he noted. 

According to World Health Organization, consistent and correct use of latex condoms reduces the risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) transmission.

However, WHO says many infected persons may be unaware of their infection because STDs often are asymptomatic and unrecognized as condom use cannot provide absolute protection against any STDs. 

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Source: Why youth are shying away from using condoms


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