STD Monitor Website Star garmendia California

Star garmendia California

Star garmendia California

This is star Garamendi also known as Katrina her real name is Ashley. One of the biggest manipulators anybody could ever meet sleeps with half the town( corning- redbluff- chico) lives in corning loves Hispanic men that are married,or twice as young as she is. she loves to sleep Around, make up stories, control you, cheat on you, get pregnant with someone else’s kid. Loves to pass DRDs and claim they are given to her she hangs out at the chico bars a lot. thinks that she is a model but it’s obviously just doesn’t want to work a real job. Has nude photos of her on a different selection of fetish sites. Sells her body for money. has two baby daddies neither one of them she knows that for sure she loves to abuse, call cops after she beats herself up, show up to your house and beat herself up in the middle of the street, lives with her dad and has talked her way out of many occasions, slept with her cousin Austin’s best friend which he doesn’t know but hope he finds out soon.. overall if you don’t like to be questioned about what you’re doing every second of the day and about your past or beaten or have to lie that she has the fattest back side, or she is the best-looking woman you’ve ever been with I would just stay clear and not get mixed up in this mess. She will try to use everything against you with the police and trust me she will call them on you and will try to sleep with your best friends if u piss her off.

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