STD Monitor Website John Raymond Montano Jr. — Phoenix, Arizona

John Raymond Montano Jr. — Phoenix, Arizona

John Raymond Montano Jr. — Phoenix, Arizona

John Raymond Montano Jr. 01-17-1988 28yrs old. Nick names Johnny, J, Jr. Johnny is cheating on me with a tweeked out meth head trick named Annie. Annie is a known meth addict and is infected with Aids, Herpes, Hepatitis and god knows what other STD’s she is harboring. Johnny is having unprotected sex with that tweeked out meth head Annie. Johnny has four beautiful children, a set of twins and not counting what kids i dnt know about. He is a dead beat piece of shit dad. Doesn’t take care of the kids. Doesn’t want to pay child support. He doesn’t work lays in bed all day and only gets up to buy beer, weed, cigarettes. Now he is smoking meth again thanks to that tweeked out slut Annie. He has DUI’s drives with a suspened license. His dick can’t stay up long engouh to get the job done from all the drugs he takes. He has disowned his children to go fuck an AIDS infected tweeker. Johnny way to go you are setting a hell of an example for the children. He tells me it’s just a FLING!! Mind you he is having unprotected sex with an AIDS infected tweeker. He is verbally, mentally, and phsycially abusive especially when he is drunk and high on drugs. He prays on low self esteem women and druged out whore. He says his ears are bigger then his dick thats why he drinks. Your dick fucked up again Johnny. Karma and the STD god are going to get you. Your having unprotected sex with a meth head from the streets with full blown AIDS. Thanks you Annie for being the model slut that you are. Johnny your the prime example of the biggest piece of shit!! You leech off women, lie, cheat, he will tell you what you want to hear lady’s. Run the other way when you see him. God knows what STD’s he has after fucking that tweeker bitch whore!!

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1 thought on “John Raymond Montano Jr. — Phoenix, Arizona”

  1. To the author of the poorly poorly written fiction I just finished reading… Your Immaturity and feeble intentions to Humiliate and attack Johnny’s character…FAILED!!
    What You have succeeded in doing With your little story… Is Tell the world who YOU really are.
    This is what I take from your story…
    You are…
    -Immature no doubt( Who goes on a site like this to air their dirty laundry)
    – Uneducated probably 9th grade education tops
    – Vindictive
    – Hypocrite
    – Needy
    – Drug addict yourself
    – A liar( Obviously)
    I could definitely keep going but I’ve grown tiresome of this already. In conclusion I would like to share A little bit of philosophy with you..” People who live in glass houses,should not throw stones”. Well now you take care my little mystery writer you..
    Ps.. My favorite part of your story was the way you bashed Johnny
    On being a father… To kids that are not even biologically his. Can’t remember who the real biological father is so let’s go online and bash Johnny!! Lmao…ahhh good times


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