Nicole Christ Ofallon, Missouri

Melissa Oliver Glen Burnie, Maryland

Well, I met my ex 7 years ago. We both had trust issues as he was only divorced 6 months when we met, because his ex cheated on him. So I decided he was worth trying the dating game with. We were friends; he would come over and sleep on my couch, 2 months before we started dating. We decided after a while to make it official, and he moved in with me. 3 years later we had a daughter together.

In January of this year he started acting different, going out with coworkers after work, distant, and always in a good mood, which is not him. I thought something was up, but I had no proof. In March we moved to a new house. March 8th. I found a text from an unknown number in his phone saying “working?” I asked him and he didn’t know. So I took the number and my friend called it and it was a female. I asked and asked he denied it all. Finally march 10th, I hit him with facts and he told me he was talking to a girl at work, Nicole, 23 with 4 kids! But, it was only texting at work! Yea right, I knew better. I was pissed, and gave him the opportunity to be honest. Well, march 11th I text her. She told me everything. She made up a code name, and if a text came to her that didn’t contain the code name she wouldn’t answer!

She knew about me, but told him she didn’t care he wasn’t single. We have 3 kids. She would get him to leave late at night to come to her house, and they say they only had sex once, but it was without a condom. Now that I know the whole story she is a true home wrecker! She knew exactly what she was doing! Now he’s my ex, he says he hates her, I don’t believe it, she gave him an STD!!! Nasty hoe!!! So, there’s the dirty little diseased girls story! She’s easy of your interested!





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