STD Monitor Monitoring,Website Duane Doherty, Hawthorne, NY

Duane Doherty, Hawthorne, NY

Duane Doherty, Hawthorne, NY

Duane Doherty is a cheater, liar, abuser. He cheated on his long term girlfriend on numerous occasions and gave her stds. He abused her physically, verbally and emotionally.

Published at Wed, 24 Jun 2020 19:01:09 +0000


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  1. wow I can believe the reviews. I’m not sure why I even googled his name I was bored and curious if he was arrested or not. i briefly had a fling with this guy about 12 years ago and can attest he is abusive. But instead of insulting my body he made it like I was not pretty enough for him. He would be nice but always balance it with an insult. i realized early on after the last insult and just stopped returning his calls or texts and he text and called me for years but in never returned the calls just one text that i was busy. I also found out other disturbing situations of him being abusive to at least 2 girls back in high school so its not personal. One of the girls i know personally and is tramatized by the experience.


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