Lee Davis aka Malik Davis aka Malik Davidson is a scam artist

Lee Davis aka Malik Davis aka Malik Davidson is a scam artist

Lee Davis is the name I saw on his debit card. Aka Malik Davis, aks Malik Davidson, aka Lee Malik Davis (based on a check stub he showed me on his phone). Aka Omar2015 on interracialdatingcentral.com. I had a short situationship with Him Jan/Feb of 2019. He claimed to want to marry me. Told me he loved me. I knew it was too soon. I thought it was weird how he’d disappear for hours and half a day but when we were together would also answer his texts. Said his birthday was Nov 14 and that he was 44. Not sure if true. Said he was a scorpio. Currently using phone #s 214-457-3655 and 682-559-2697. Driving a Mercedes Benz with Minnesota license plate 538 RHL that he claims to have gotten for an ex gf but she gave it back after she cheated.

It was an argument every time I’d bring up using condoms as he had all the signs of a fuckboi but said he hadn’t slept with anyone since Sept of 2018. Claims to be a welding engineer working at 20801 Krameria Ave, Riverside, CA 92518. Using the email address [email protected] when he gave me that email address was when I realized his last name wasn’t Davidson but Davis. Claimed to be renting an airman in Bellflower. I believed he was staying with a woman he was dating based off the fact that he would text me all day while at work but barely in the evening and claimed to doze off. One weekend he claimed to have a migraine so bad that he went to the ER and that’s why he couldn’t make it out to Santa Monica to see me. Not sure why the above poster said he is dangerous. I hope she means in terms of potential STDs and heartbreak, which is still horrific. I didn’t get a violent vibe from him, but you never know…

Luckily I asked a whole lot of questions early into dating him and insisted on seeing some form of ID after which my girls googled the h**l out of him and finally found this site… I hope this post helps the next woman from wasting her time or getting an STD. Praying I will be ok at the Dr’s office…

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